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Creating Experience Destinations

Custom Concepts

Option I: FL Price Will Customize Manuals For Your Location

FLP Customized Written Birthday Manual Development

Discovery – extract business practices and ideas from founder(s) and key management. Integrate ideas into new evolved concept. FL Price will write three customized operations/training manuals. You will receive all manuals/forms in hard copy and some in electronic version (for continual improvement) Final revisions, edits, changes and proofs provided by client. FL Price will guide and assist with party packaging, pricing, and final review.

Customized Written Party & Company & Group Events ManualsCustomized Manuals

• Customized Birthday Party training manual and training quiz.

• Customized Tween/Teen event concept and manual (20 pages)

• Customized Corporate party and events format including unique games (34 pages)

Reference Manuals – Corporate Group Events celebrationsReference Manuals

• Group Holiday Events manual (20 pages) (hard copy only)

• Team building / creative meeting manual (20 pages) (hard copy only)

• Group events sales system and marketing manual (23 pages) (hard copy only)

• Party / group program tools and resources (hard copy only)

Reference Manuals – Children’s Birthday Parties (hard copy and electronic versions)

• Party Celebration Room Games manual (30 pages)

• Party Magic manual and scripts (15 pages)

• Party performance agreement template. (11 pages)

• Party booking script (2 pages)

The Perfect Staff Process Manual

Perfect Staff ManualRecruiting, hiring, training system (30 pages) (hard copy) Choose to install and train your team BU team development manual or add on the following FL Price training and train your trainer option.

Includes a two day Birthday University class (within one year, up to 3 people) 

Option II: FL Price On-Site Training & Installation

2.5 Day On-site Training

• 2.5 days (20 hours) FL Price on site opening or roll out team training

• Installation and training of the party system & group events to opening team

• Client provides manuals, prizes, meeting space and screen for training.profitable-parties

• Training Breakdown

• Program management / marketing / party supervisors / train the trainer training (4 hours)

• Front line party team training – two sessions (total10 hours) – 5 hours each session – 2 evenings)

• Front line party team demonstration, & practice (3 hours) • Selection, recruiting, tryout and training seminar for supervisors (3 hours)

For Generic Party Templates and Manuals See Birthday University Bookstore

Hero’s party experience business

Part time business – full time profits!

Hero’s is a turnkey business opportunity that makes the world a better place one child, one family, one community at a time by focusing on hosting “Best In The World” birthday parties and group events. Hero’s is about making small changes, with a profound influence over time. Hero’s is a ten thousand square foot party and event facility with multiple low cost, high value attractions targeting upper mid to high income families with children ages three to seventeen years old and open 3 or 4 days a week, only when there’s an event booked. Hero’s semi-private personal party experience allows us to charge more and our proven systems management approach gives you the tools to create a successful business even if you don’t have a great deal of “business experience.”  The four pillars of revenue are:

I.  Birthday parties for little brother and little sisters, as well as birthday parties for big brother and big sisters.

II. Company parties, school and church group indoor events,

III.                  Three, group events – scouts, youth teams, summer camps, lockins, after prom /grad parties, and fundraising events. 

IV.                  Mobile events &parties including company picnic, school & church group carnivals and backyard parties

Independence with guidance

The Hero’s license agreement gives you the pluses of a franchise; protected territory, proven operations, marketing and training systems, and brand recognition, without ongoing royalties fees

and restrictions of what you can or cannot do.  You have the freedom to try new ideas, to build

a successful business and to achieve your dream on your own terms.  Hero’s was co-founded and written by Frank Price with over 20 years of commercial birthday party experience and expertise.